5 Additions To Make Your Bathroom A Better Place

Posted on: 18 February 2015

You spend a great deal of time in your bathroom getting cleaned up and ready for the day. Why not give your shower some new accessories to make it work and look better? Here are five additions you can add to your shower to make it a nicer and more convenient space.

Frameless Enclosed Shower

A brand new shower enclosure is going to be shiny and clean when it is installed. But, if your new shower has metal framework, it is going to easily collect mold and mildew in its crevices. 

Frameless shower doors look nicer and are much easier to clean because they are one smooth and continuous surface. You can wipe down each side of the shower glass instead of digging and scrubbing out grime from its crevices.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, a frameless shower can help increase the appeal to buyers and the return you get for your home if or when you decide to sell. Metal framed shower doors also don't have the same unobscured view that you have with a frameless shower which can look great with any bathroom decor. You can find custom shower doors online.

Shower Mirror

Some men prefer to shave while they are in the shower. This practice saves time and makes clean-up after shaving easy as the shower rinses all the particles of hair down the drain. By installing a small bathroom mirror at shoulder level, you will provide a way for a man to view himself while he shaves his face.

A woman can benefit from a shower-installed mirror as well, especially to remove her makeup in the shower before bed. It can be nice for a woman to be able to view her face in the mirror to make sure she washes and rinses off all traces of makeup from her skin. 

If a woman leaves makeup on her skin overnight, it can cause clogged pores and acne. Makeup left on around a woman's eyes can also get into them during the night, irritating them. This can clog her hair follicles and oil glands and allows bacteria to get into them, leading to painful styes.

Shower Bench

Just as men like to shave in the shower, so do many women. As a woman shaves her legs, it is convenient to be able to prop one foot on an elevated surface.

In an enclosed shower, a shower bench will provide the elevated surface that normally wouldn't be there. So, as you are remodeling your bathroom, build in a bench on one side of the shower made of the same waterproof material as the floor or walls. A bench will also make it convenient for you to use a loofah or an exfoliating scrubber on your feet in the shower to slough away dry skin. 

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Today's Bluetooth technology allows you to link up your smart phones with a small waterproof speaker that you can mount in your shower. With this speaker attached to your shower wall with a suction, you can listen to music, internet radio, or talk on your phone. It gives you a chance to save time and make some phone calls while you get ready in the morning. Then, when you are finished showering, you can turn on your favorite local internet radio station and get information about morning traffic. 

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can get completely soaked with the shower spray, and still continue to work. Just set your smartphone on a bathroom counter so it is within range for the Bluetooth to connect and you can safely use your phone's features in the shower.

Shower Clock

As you are in the shower before work, you may need to check the time to plan your shower timing accordingly. Without a clock in the bathroom that is visible from the shower, you won't know how much time you have left before you need to finish up. Mount a waterproof shower clock in your shower enclosure and you will always be on time finishing in the shower. 

A shower clock can also help you properly apply a conditioning hair treatment. Some conditioners and specialty hair treatments can require you to leave them in your hair for a set period of time. How are you to measure this time in the shower without a clock? Now you can.

Use these five additions to turn your bathroom from acceptable to outstanding.