Stop Sandblasting Your Car! 3 Ways to Protect Your Windshield at the Construction Site

Posted on: 27 July 2015

Working on a construction site can be a dirty, gritty job at times, not just for you, but for your car's windshield too. Without the right protections, the average windshield is much more likely to be damaged near active construction. If you're not ready to shell out for a replacement glass pane, consider using a few of these tips to keep your vehicle's windows intact.

Soup Up Your Wipers

Windshield wipers are made to handle the occasional rain storm, but construction vehicles often get coated with dust, sand, and all sorts of other small debris. Normal wipers may not be able to adequately clean off this material as it builds up, which can result in damage your windshield's protective coating. Regularly cleaning off gritty matter with your normal wipers will also wear them out more quickly.

Work out rubber wipers can harden and eventually start to scratch the windshield as you use them. Sometimes, the tiny scratches are unnoticeable until there are already many of them, and the damage is too extensive to repair.

To avoid these problems, talk to your mechanic about upgrading your windshield wipers to have a stronger motor and grit-fighting blades. Making this change early enough can not only protect your windshield from damage, but also save you money in wiper maintenance over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Cover Up in High-Risk Areas

As utility vehicles move around the site, dust and rocks will be kicked into the air frequently. Depending on where your car is parked, you could unknowingly be subjecting it to an unnecessary risk for window damage by leaving it unprotected.

If you have to leave your vehicle parked in places where dust or rocks are likely to be flying, you'll need some sort of barrier between your car and the danger. Your local auto store likely has several liquid coatings for your windshield that purport to keep it safe from hail and other physical damage. These can help deflect small rocks or lightweight material fragments, but they shouldn't be your windshield's only defense against site debris.

For really high traffic areas, you'll need to put a cover over your windows. Blankets and towels work in a pinch, but can get dirty quickly. Plus, they don't hold up well in the elements and can get moldy in your trunk. If you don't want to invest in a full car cover for your vehicle, plastic bath mats can make a nice cheap solution. They're springy enough to deflect anything that comes at your windows, but they're also quick to clean with a garden hose if they get too dirty.

Get Cracks & Chips Fixed Right Away

No matter how careful you are, small cracks and chips are almost unavoidable on a construction site. Serious damage needs to be addressed right away if you want to avoid replacing your whole windshield. Chips and cracks can grow bigger the longer you leave them unattended, since the normal stress on your windshield will only exacerbate them. Once a chip is larger than the size of a quarter or a crack is longer than a foot, the chances of a successful patch start to go down.

As soon as you notice damage to your windshield, you should clean out the area as best you can and cover it in clear tape. Dirt and grit can interfere with the repair, so it's vital to keep them out. Keep the damage small by calling a glass repair service like Central Glass right away to make an appointment.

Working on a construction site means putting your windshield at more risk than the average driver, so it's important to take steps to protect it. If you have questions about protecting your car's windows, local glass repair professionals can answer them and give you further tips.