3 Reasons You May Have Ice Buildup on Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 25 August 2015

Having ice buildup on your central air conditioning system might be a common problem, but it is not a normal or anticipated thing to find. When ice begins building up on your AC, there is a problem that must be addressed. Here are three reasons this might be happening to your system.

The Coolant Level Is Low

A central AC system makes cold air through a process that requires a coolant. This coolant has the ability to change from a liquid state to a gas state, and as it changes, it extracts the heat from the air. The AC system pulls in hot air and passes it through the evaporator coils in the system. As this occurs, the system extracts the heat, which causes the air to be cold.

The heat created in the process is sent outside to the outdoor part of your AC system, which is called a compressor. As this happens, the coolant changes from a gas back to a liquid. If the system gets low on the coolant, this process is disrupted, and one of the symptoms of this is ice formation on the indoor parts of the AC system.

This happens because the condenser coils in the system are not as warm as they should be when the coolant level is low. Because of this, condensation occurs and freezes. This might be the reason your system is developing ice on it.

To fix this problem, an AC repair company will need to check the level of coolant in your system. If it is low, they will add more, and this should eliminate this problem.

The AC Fan Is Shot

AC units also have fans in them. The fan is designed to keep the evaporator coils warm, because they tend to cool off as the heat is extracted from the air. When the fan is not operating correctly, it might be preventing the coils from staying warm enough. This can lead to freezing of the coils, and when they freeze they can accumulate ice buildup.

During an inspection of your system, the AC company will check the fan to see if it is running properly. The fan might either be broken, or it might simply be dirty. If it is dirty, they can clean it, which would help it work properly. If the fan is faulty and is not working at all, the AC company will have to replace it with a new one.

Your Air Filter Is Too Dirty

An AC unit may also have ice buildup if the air filter in the system is too dirty. The air filter on your system helps clean your air, but it cannot do this if it is dirty. A dirty filter will prevent air from flowing through, and this can lead to a shortage of air in the system. Your AC system needs a good flow of air in order to work properly.

If the filter is stopping air from flowing through, it can cause the evaporator cools to cool off too much. As this happens, it can lead to ice formation on the coils.

The way to solve this problem is changing the air filter, and this is an easy problem to avoid. If you change your filter whenever it is dirty, you will never have to worry about this problem.

If you would like to find out why there is ice on your AC system, you should visit resources like http://www.cblucashvac.com to contact an HVAC company. They can diagnose the issue that is causing this to happen, and they will be able to fix it so that ice is no longer forming on your AC system.