Worried About Winter? 3 Ways Your City Street Sweeper Can Help Your Business

Posted on: 25 September 2015

If you run a construction company, wintertime can be hard on your employees, your equipment, and your productivity. Unfortunately, when a roof needs to be shingled or a road needs to be paved, you might not have time to slow down because of snow, poor air quality, or broken equipment. However, that street sweeper you see driving around town might be able to protect your bottom line. Here are three ways your city street sweeper can help your business so that you can meet your deadlines:

1: Reducing Pollution

Sure, the wintertime might make the outdoors look like a pristine wonderland, but if you could inspect the air quality with a microscope, things might look a little different. In addition to the air being incredibly dry, people who live in mountainous areas also have to deal with inversions.

Weather inversions occur whenever a pocket of cold air sinks against a valley floor, with a layer of warm air acting as a lid. Unfortunately, inversions trap pollutants in the area, making the air smell terrible and exacerbating allergies. Pollution can cause more problems than just a little sniffling and sneezing. When the air is filled with microscopic debris, it can also wreak havoc on industrial equipment that relies on air circulation, because dust and dirt can clog the filters.

Fortunately, since modern street sweepers use high-powered vacuums and advanced air filters to clean up the street, they can actually reduce non-point pollution like oil droplets and exhaust particles that can gather on the street. In fact, research has found that dry vacuum street sweepers can remove non-point pollution by 35-80%--improving air quality.

2: Keeping The Storm Drains Clean and Functional

When the weather changes, you might love to watch the leaves change color. Unfortunately, once that foliage falls, it can cause all kinds of problems—including clogged storm drains. Unfortunately, clogged storm drains can cause street flooding, which can be devastating if you work outdoors. However, street sweepers can also improve storm water pollution.

Believe it or not, modern street sweepers are capable of picking up debris as small as 10 micrometers. To put that number into perspective, a single strand of human hair is usually between 17 and 181 micrometers. This means that in addition to gathering large leaves that are intact, street sweepers can gather small stems and leaf fragments that can clog drain lines. When snow can melt and water can drain away from your work site, you might not have to deal with muddy roads and flooded job sites.

3: Whisking Away Hidden Debris

The last thing you need on a busy day is to worry about how to replace a popped tire on one of your fleet vehicles. Unfortunately, when the snow falls, it can disguise obstacles on the roadway, which can leave you with a big mess on your hands. In addition to potentially injuring your equipment, hidden debris like nails and scrap metal pieces can injure your employees—leading to expensive worker's compensation lawsuits. Fortunately, depending on where you are working, some cities send out street sweepers ahead of snowstorms, so that the roads are clean before snow falls.

Although it might be hard to imagine, most cities that use street sweepers remove tons of trash every year from the roadways. In fact, the city of Riverside, California removes around 27 pounds of debris for each resident living in the city each year.  

When you are on your next job, pay attention to how the roads near your site look. If you notice that they are riddled with trash, give the city a call. They might be able to send a sweeper your way to whisk away trash and keep the air around you a little cleaner. You can also get more info by contacting a street sweeping service yourself.