5 Tips for Sending a Package to a Hotel

Posted on: 19 February 2016

There are many reasons that you may need to send a package to a hotel that you are staying at. For example, you might want to ship fragile items ahead of you so they are at the hotel and waiting when you arrive. Or you may forget your camera while you are on vacation and have a family member overnight it to you. If you are traveling for work, your local office and your home office may need to send you materials. Whatever the reason, it is important that you realize that shipping an item to a hotel involves you, the sender, the hotel staff, and the courier, making it more difficult than simply sending an item to a residence or office. Here are some tips to make sure the process goes smoothly. 

Choose a Respectable, Bonded Courier 

The first step in ensuring that your package arrives on time and intact is to select a respectable, bonded courier for delivery. This way you will know that if your delivery is lost or damaged, the courier company will be able to quickly replace it or pay you the cost of the item. While this might not be too important if you are simply ordering lunch to your hotel, when you need a laptop, smartphone, or other business tools delivered to you, this security is critical. 

Let the Hotel Staff Know You Are Expecting a Package 

In most cases, couriers will deliver an item to the front desk of a hotel as opposed to directly to your hotel room. It is important to inform the hotel staff that you are waiting for a package and give them a way to contact you if you are not in your room when the package arrives. Your cell phone number or a way to reach you online are good things to leave with the receptionist. If the front desk staff can reach you as soon as your package arrives, they will be less likely to set the package aside and forget about it later. 

Opt for Online Tracking If Possible 

Most courier services offer online tracking to let you know when your order has been picked up by the courier and when it is delivered to its destination. This will let you know when you need to be at the hotel to receive your package directly from the courier to bypass the front desk. It will also give you proof that your package has been delivered if you are not able to be there and the front desk staff misplaces the package. 

Use a Local Courier for Time-Sensitive Deliveries 

If you are ordering something to be brought from your office to the hotel or from the airport to your hotel, then you might want to select a local courier as opposed to a national chain. While national chains offer many benefits for long-distance deliveries, a local courier is less likely to have a large number of deliveries and is more likely to be able to give you the exact time that you can expect your delivery. They may also offer more options for emergency delivery services. 

Expect Extra Charges from the Hotel 

If the hotel has to accept a package on your behalf, they may charge a small package-handling fee. You should contact your hotel to know what this charge will be and take it into consideration when you are figuring out the cost of sending an item to your hotel via courier. 

If you have forgotten an item or need to ship an item to your hotel ahead of time, courier services are a good option. However, it is important to choose the right service and to work with the hotel staff to make sure your item arrives undamaged. Speak with a representative from a company like Morningside Courier Systems for more information.