Four Great Reasons To Consider Fiberglass French Patio Doors Installed In Your Home

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Whether you're seeking a way to increase the visual and functional appeal of your home prior to putting it on the market or simply to provide you and your family with better aesthetics in your home environment, you've probably perused the idea of having French doors installed. Today's material choices are far vaster than they were in the past, when French doors were crafted exclusively from wood, but today's homeowners have other options, including fiberglass, vinyl, and steel. Fiberglass French doors can make great additions to homes for a variety of reasons -- following are four of them.

Fiberglass Has Superior Insulation Properties

With energy costs soaring, all household components need to do their job in order to help keep costs down. Insulation keeps cold air out during winter's chill and keeps cool air in when the summer sun heats up the outdoors. Fiberglass French doors offer superior insulation when compared to other material options such as wood. Because glass is an inferior insulator, patio doors tend to leak more air than other types of exterior doors, so homeowners should hedge their bets by using a framing material with good insulation properties to make up for the deficiencies of the glass panels. The energy savings you'll gain by installing fiberglass French doors will also make your property more attractive to prospective purchasers and may also raise your property value.

Fiberglass Looks Realistic

If the style of your home calls for traditional wooden doors, or if that's simply your personal preference, going with fiberglass won't mean giving up the look you want. Finishes are available that make make fiberglass look just like wood. You can purchase doors that have already been finished to resemble wood, or you can purchase unfinished doors and do the job yourself. Whichever, route you choose to go, you'll wind up with a set of attractive French doors that look like authentic wood. By the same token, if you decide to go with an industrial or edgy look, fiberglass can be finished to look like steel or other types of metal.

Fiberglass is Durable

Fiberglass also enjoy significant durability. It's scratch-resistant, and unlike steel and other metal options, fiberglass doesn't dent. If you have small children in your home, you won't have to worry about them accidentally damaging your fiberglass French doors, and because it doesn't easily buckle when pressured the way that aluminum does, fiberglass provides a measure of security against the efforts of household intruders. Fiberglass also won't rust.

Fiberglass is Easy to Maintain

Although fiberglass can withstand weather conditions such as exposure to strong UV rays, wind, rain, sleet, and snow without biodegrading or warping, you'll still need to perform occasional maintenance on the exterior side of the doors to keep them in top condition. Replacing its protective finish periodically is recommended. This process will depend on weather conditions in your location and exposure of the door to the elements. If you've got an awning that protects the door from hot afternoon sun, for instance, you may not need to replace the finish as often as if it were completely exposed. In general, when the appearance of the door begins to lose its gloss, it's time for a new coat of stain and a protective clear topcoat.

The interiors of fiberglass French doors need little maintenance beyond an occasional dusting with a soft, clean microfiber cloth to remove stray household dust and debris. This is best done at the same time that you clean the panels of glass on the door.

Fiberglass French doors have come a long way toward the days when fiberglass was only considered a suitable building material for boats and bathtubs. Contact your local contractor for more information on the advantages of installing a beautiful set of fiberglass French doors in your home. For more information, contact a company like Fas Windows and Doors