3 Tips For Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Posted on: 31 July 2016

In order to get great performance out of your hot water heater, you will need to take full advantage of the necessary ongoing maintenance. It is important to take great care of your hot water heater so that your home energy use is as efficient as it can be and so that your showers and sinks get hot water quickly. To handle this, follow these three hot water heater maintenance steps for your home. 

#1: Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

One of the most reasonable ways to maintain your hot water heater is to insulate it. Insulating your hot water heater will make it far more energy efficient, which will ensure that your appliance lasts a long time. When you install insulation sleeves to your hot water heater, you will receive as much as a 45% heat loss reduction, which can lower the cost of heating your water by approximately 9%. If you want to handle this installation on your own, it might take you between one and two hours in labor and will cost you approximately $42 for the materials. You can also hire the help of a hot water heater contractor to do the work for you.

#2: Learn How To Shut The Water Off

It is important that you also learn the best ways to shut your water off in the case of an emergency. This way, you will be able to jump into action and prevent contamination or flooding if you are dealing with an issue such as a pipe bursts or gas leak. You will typically find the emergency shutoff valve above the hot water heater, so locate it when not dealing with an emergency, to be sure you are able to shut off the water with no issues.

#3: Follow Some Routine Water Heater Maintenance Steps

There are a number of different routine maintenance steps that you will be able to follow to get excellent ongoing performance. One of the most reasonable things you can do is set your hot water heater to 120°, which can help your home be more energy efficient. Simply lowering the temperature by 10° can save you 5% and your appliance utility costs. You always need to leave a good 2 feet of free space from the hot water heater in order to avoid potential hazards. Further, test out your hot water heater's pressure relief valve at least once per year to avoid leaks.

Use these three tips in order to get the best out of your hot water heater. For more help, contact a company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc.