Garage Door Tips: Determining If You Have A Force Settings Problem

Posted on: 9 November 2016

When the force settings of a garage door are too low, it won't operate as expected. A common symptom of improper force settings is a garage door that either stops halfway when closing or starts to close and then reverses. This can be quite frustrating. The good news is that all it takes to solve this problem is changing the door's force setting. However, since there are other causes of this problem, the challenge usually lies in trying to determine whether or not tinkering with the force settings is the right move. Here are tips to help you do so.

Ruling out garage door sensor defects

Garage door sensors are safety features that are designed to stop the door from closing if there is something standing on its way. If the sensors are misaligned or dirty, they can cause your garage door to stop or change directions when closing.

An easy way to rule out the door sensors is to look at the LED lights on the sensors. If one of the sensors' lights is blinking, then you have a sensor problem. This is because the lights usually blink when one of the sensors isn't receiving the beam from the other sensor. If this is the case, cleaning and re-aligning the sensors will be enough to solve your garage door problem.

Ruling out damaged or bent tracks

Your garage door can have opening or closing problems if the track on which it travels is either damaged or bent. The resistance that the door encounters when moving along the track can force it to change direction. It can also cause the door to get stuck. These symptoms are similar to those caused by having improper garage door force settings.

To rule this out as the cause of your garage door problems, start by disconnecting the door's trolley. Do this by pulling the emergency release rope. Now, try raising and lowering the garage door. If door's travel isn't as smooth as it should be, then you are likely dealing with a defective track. Straightening out any bent sections should be enough to get your door working again.

If you are able to rule out track and sensor defects, then your garage door is having a force-setting problem. To get rid of the only-closes-halfway problem, increase the garage door's down force. To do this, simply turn the door's adjustment screw clockwise. Make small adjustments and with each adjustment, and then test to see if the door can close completely.

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