Consider Radiant Floor Heating When Your Child Has Allergies Or Asthma

Posted on: 5 January 2017

If you're planning to update your home's heating system and you have a child with allergies or asthma, you may want to consider installing radiant floor heating. This type of heating system can be installed in existing homes and run off of solar power, electricity, or hot water. Here are some things to know about radiant floor heating and why it's a good choice for a child with respiratory problems.

Radiant Heating Eliminates Forced Air

Radiant floor heat is embedded in the floor of your home. The floor is heated first, and then the heat rises from it and fills the room. This is an entirely different way of heating your home, and it doesn't involve blowing forced air from an HVAC unit. Radiant floor heat can completely replace the need to use a forced air furnace. This keeps dander, dust, and pollen out of the air. The air in your home stays cleaner and less irritating to someone with allergies. Also, since there is no hot, dry air being blown into bedrooms and other living spaces, radiant heating eliminates problems with dry nasal passages, dry throat, and breathing dry air into the lungs.

Radiant Heating Keeps The Floor Warm

A traditional furnace blows warm air into the room, which mixes with cold air and makes uneven temperatures. There are cold and warm pockets of air. When the furnace kicks on, you get hot, and when it turns off, you get cold. Also, the surfaces of the room tend to stay cold, especially the floor. Radiant heating turns the entire floor into a warm surface that spreads the warmth from the ground up. This means the floor is always nice and warm and so are other surfaces in the room. The air temperature is more consistent and there are no chilly drafts.

These features of radiant floor heat are appealing when you have a child that is prone to respiratory infections, since kids naturally spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Even if you have a stone floor, it will be nice and warm on chilly days. This prevents your child from getting too cold and prevents exposure to drafts. And since the floor is so warm, you can get rid of carpeting and heavy rugs that harbor dust mites and other allergens that trigger respiratory symptoms.

If you plan to install radiant floor heating in your entire house, then a hot water system powered by a boiler is the least expensive option to operate. If you just want to add it to a single room, such as your child's bedroom, then an electric heating system could be a good option. Electric floor heating works just as well as hydronic heating, but electricity is more expensive, which makes operating costs higher.

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