Four Ways To Brighten Up A Dark Bathroom

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Does your bathroom always feel a bit dim and dark? When the time comes to remodel, you'll want to pay close attention to strategies that bring more light into the room, making it feel brighter and more open. Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose a light color scheme with dark accents.

The old adage that dark colors make rooms seem smaller is true. Painting the walls a lighter color, like a pale cream or powder blue, will make the space feel so much brighter, even if you don't bring in any additional light. But in addition to choosing a light color scheme overall, you should be sure to include a few darker-colored accents in the space. For instance, you could hang dark blue towels or paint a thin piece of wood trim deep green. The hints of dark color keep your eyes moving through the room so it feels less like a monochromatic cavern.

Use accent lights.

Instead of just hanging one overhead light and calling it a day, install some accent lighting. Under-cabinet lights are perfect for along the bottom of your medicine cabinet. You can even run these same strand lights along the base of your vanity. If you have shelves on the walls, consider hanging a sconce light or two above them. You can even install lights in the walls of the shower to make it feel a little brighter and more spacious.

Add portal windows.

You probably don't want to install a big picture window in your bathroom. Though there are films you can put on the window to ensure others can't see in clearly, the idea of standing in front of a big open window is still a bit intimidating to most people. However, a few round portal windows placed at about eye-level on the wall will allow a little more natural light in without allowing outsiders to see anything they shouldn't.

Install a skylight.

Is your bathroom on the top floor of your home? If so, consider installing a skylight. The skylight will let sunshine in without inviting any onlookers. Plus, during the night, it allows you to catch a pretty view of the stars, which will make the room feel more open and spacious even if light's not directly coming in.

To learn more about light-invoking strategies for remodeling a dark bathroom, speak to a remodeling contractor in your area. To learn more, click here.