A Guide To Handling Road And Lane Closures

Posted on: 22 June 2017

When you need to control traffic due to construction, events, blockages and any other related issues, the best thing you can do is touch base with companies that can provide you the service you need. There are numerous companies that can provide you with things like crash truck rental, visibility enhancing equipment and more. To take the best steps possible when getting through these sorts of issues, you'll be in really good hands. 

Get your hands on a crash truck rental

Renting a crash truck from a company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. is a very viable way to take control of the traffic, whenever you are dealing with changes in traffic patterns. A crash truck is a barrier that blocks off areas of roadways, while also allowing you to post up signage and markers. You can choose between a lot of different types of crash trucks, including truck mounted and trailer mounted. When you contact these companies that provide rentals, make sure that you go over with them the timetable that will be best for you. This way, these professionals will set you up with a crash truck rental that is useful, regardless of the type of road closures, traffic change or other issue you are contending with.

Make your workers as visible as possible

Whether you are dealing with construction workers, roadside workers clearing out the storm debris, or any other people by the roadside, it is important to make them as visible as you can. Make sure that they wear reflective vests and bright colors which will draw attention to them despite lighting conditions. You also will want to get your hands on some roadside flares, so that other drivers are well aware. You can purchase LED flares, which will keep your entire worksite very visible and safe.

Contact your municipality

Finally, it is necessary that you notify your municipality about the road closure or traffic change as quickly as you can. This will typically consist of notifying them of lane closures, partial closures or full road closures. You may also request police officers who could act as crossing guards or direct the flow of traffic. Find out the legal ramifications and aspects of these sorts of things, so that you are able to stay covered from this point of view.

 Take the time to put these guidelines to good use anytime that you need to take control of the flow of traffic whenever necessary.