4 Reasons To Install A Metal Carport

Posted on: 20 June 2018

Storing your car under shelter can protect it from the elements, but the question then becomes -- what type of shelter is best? There are many options, from vinyl carports to full-size garages. In many cases, the best option is something in the middle: a metal carport. Here are four reasons why metal carports are a great option for car protection.

1. They're Affordable

Building a full garage will cost you thousands of dollars, even if you do much of the work yourself. The materials alone are extremely costly. A metal carport is far more affordable. There are companies that will come assemble one for you for just a few thousand dollars. The assembly only takes a day at most. If you are handy, you can even buy a metal carport kit at the local home improvement store and assemble it yourself -- perhaps with the help of a few friends.

2. They Protect Against Wind and Sun, Too

Vinyl carports are cheap, but they really only guard against rain. Hail can break right through them, damaging your vehicle. Wind can actually catch under the vinyl carport and rip it away, leaving your car exposed. Plus, the sun can weaken the vinyl over time, making it more likely to tear. Metal offers far more protection; it protects against hail, wind, rain, and sun -- and it does so for years.

3. They May Not Require a Permit

Building a garage probably requires a building permit; it does in most jurisdictions. Getting a building permit can be a long, complex process and is a lot to go through for just a shelter for your car. You generally need to have plans drawn and stamped by an architect and the building inspector out to look at the garage. A metal carport is not usually considered a permanent structure, and as such, it should not require a building permit. You can put one up tomorrow without worrying about the red tape.

4. They Come in Various Sizes

You can only find vinyl carports so large. If they are made too big, they become increasingly prone to getting caught and pulled up in the wind. On the contrary, you can find metal carports in a wide range of sizes. If you have several cars or a very large vehicle, a metal carport is a better choice for you. It won't cost nearly as much as building a huge garage for such vehicles! 

For more information on A-frame metal carports, contact your local contractors.