Tips To Make Construction Sites Safer Workplaces

Posted on: 4 March 2019

If you own a construction company, you are sure to want your projects to be completed on time and to come in at or under budget. Even more important, you should want your constructions sites to be as safe as possible in order to prevent accidents or injuries to employees. Construction can be a dangerous industry if a construction company does not do its due diligence to make safety a top priority. Luckily, creating the safest construction sites possible is not overly difficult or hard to do. Use the following tips to help make your construction company's work sites as safe as they can be:

Require All Employees to Successfully Complete the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course

One of the best things that a construction company can do to promote workplace and site safety is require all employees to successfully complete the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course. Ideally, the company should pay for each one of its current employees to enroll in the course. This course can be completed online, making it convenient for an employee to do at his or her convenience. This online course is designed to teach employees about safety at a construction site and outline the best practices to use at work to help prevent accidents or injuries on the job. For more information, you can contact companies like Advanced Safety Consulting Ltd.

Have a Safety Manager

There are many people working at a construction site at any given time, so it can be very useful to assign one employee to serve as the safety manager. This person can be tasked with overseeing the employees at the site and ensuring that everyone is following essential safety rules and doing their job according to regulations that are in place to create a safer environment. You may also want to consider having the safety manager inspect the site each morning before work begins as well as at the end of the day to ensure that everything is up to code.

Create an Incentive Program

Incentive programs can be very useful tools that can help promote positive change within a company. If you want to make safety a top priority at your construction sites, an incentive program for your employees can really help. However, do not base your incentive program on going a number of days or weeks without an accident or injury -- doing so can lead to not reporting injuries or accidents when they occur. Instead, consider basing your company's incentive program on other factors, such as wearing personal protective equipment, reporting potential safety hazards, joining a safety committee, or undergoing additional training.