3 Problems That Could Affect Your Urinals

Posted on: 31 May 2019

Most men's restrooms in commercial buildings have more urinals than toilet stalls. There are a few reasons for this. Urinals are typically less expensive than full toilets. Additionally, toilets require stalls around them, which aren't cheap. Toilet stalls also provide plenty of surface area for would-be "artists" to vandalize with all sorts of unsavory graffiti, messages, and telephone numbers. This requires constant monitoring and cleaning by the janitorial staff, and they aren't always easy to clean. Urinals also use less water than flushing a toilet does. And while urinals rarely encounter problems, they can require service occasionally. Here is a look at three things than could be causing an issue with your urinals.

Clogged Drain

A urinal can't become clogged in the traditional sense a toilet can become clogged as no solid waste matter or toilet paper is being flush down the drain. It can become backed up, however. If you notice the water and urine aren't draining and the water level in the bowl is higher than it should be, you may have an issue with clogged drain holes or a clogged main drain line. This is common in areas with hard water as mineral deposits will line the drain holes and pipes. This sediment will keep building up, eventually slowing the flow of liquid down the drain. Your plumber will need to locate the problem and clear any sediment out. Consider having them install a water softening system if this is a recurrent problem for your business.

Weird Noises

If your building is old, the plumbing is old. Rather than PVC pipes, you likely have metal pipes. Metal pipes can become coated with sediment. They can also gradually corrode or rust, even if they are galvanized. Additionally, elbows can become sluggish in the "J" part of the pipe and at the location where pipes connect. When the urinal is flushed and the water whooshes down, the water pressure may dislodge the mineral deposits and make clanking noises against the metal. While your plumber may not be able to completely alleviate this without totally replacing the pipes, regular checkups to ensure the pipes are sound and not cracked or leaking will help prevent bigger problems down the line.

Trouble Flushing

If a urinal won't flush, it could be that the handle mechanism has broken and needs to be replaced. Another possibility is the water to the urinal has been shut off. Rarely, there may be a break in the major plumbing line, preventing water from getting to where it needs to be. If you live in an extremely cold climate and the urinals are on an outer wall, the pipes could be frozen. Call your plumber for a checkup if your urinals won't flush. 

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