Keys For Chimney Repair And Maintenance

Posted on: 22 August 2019

Chimney repair is a necessity if you need to improve your home air quality. A clean chimney means that your fireplace gets plenty of exhaust and ventilation. This is also important so that you can prevent fires in your household. All in all, you will get a lot out of your chimney when you choose to use the tips below. 

Consider whether you need a brand new chimney or fireplace

If you're closing on a new home, or just want a brand new chimney for your existing home, you'll need to consider all of the factors. First off, if you are replacing an old chimney, consider its age, as there is always a point that it becomes too outdated and worn down to give you optimal service. With a replacement, you'll be considering options like metal chimneys, masonry chimneys, and prefabricated chimneys.

Consult with a chimney repair company that can give you guidance on the type of chimney that is best for your home, and make sure that they are available to do the installation for you. When you're trying to install a new fireplace, a gas or wood burning stove will cost you between approximately $1,900 and $5,600, while an electric fireplace can cost you upwards of about $2,000. Think about what sort of chimney is best for you and make sure that you match it with a chimney that gives it the proper ventilation that it needs.

Manage your chimney repairs and cleaning on a regular basis

If you need to get the best out of your chimneys, make sure that you are regularly seeking maintenance and repairs. This means investing in a chimney liner that can prevent buildup and soot that leads to chimney clogs. Be sure that you also have access to a carbon monoxide monitor that will help you keep your home safer. Since carbon monoxide can't be detected by your nose, you will need a monitor to let you know when your fireplace and chimney aren't getting proper ventilation.

Since this can absolutely be a matter of life and death, take the time to get your carbon monoxide monitor tested with regularity, and always repair your chimney. Reach out to some companies that can also sweep and clean the chimney to improve ventilation. This will cost you between about $100 and $180 in most cases.

Utilize the tips in this article to get the most out of your chimney. Contact a service, like Sposato Masonry, for more help.