Renovating A Mortuary? What Special Accommodations May You Need To Make?

Posted on: 26 April 2016
If you've been trained as a mortuary director, purchasing and renovating a vacant funeral home in a town with few mortuary options may seem like a great way to start a thriving business without much of an initial financial outlay. However, the unique variety of activities performed at a mortuary -- from receiving guests to embalming the deceased -- can mean that traditional commercial or residential remodeling plans may fall short. In some cases, you could even be subject to civil penalties if you don't take steps to bring your mortuary into compliance with federal environmental and disability laws.
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Four Great Reasons To Consider Fiberglass French Patio Doors Installed In Your Home

Posted on: 18 March 2016
Whether you're seeking a way to increase the visual and functional appeal of your home prior to putting it on the market or simply to provide you and your family with better aesthetics in your home environment, you've probably perused the idea of having French doors installed. Today's material choices are far vaster than they were in the past, when French doors were crafted exclusively from wood, but today's homeowners have other options, including fiberglass, vinyl, and steel.
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5 Tips for Sending a Package to a Hotel

Posted on: 19 February 2016
There are many reasons that you may need to send a package to a hotel that you are staying at. For example, you might want to ship fragile items ahead of you so they are at the hotel and waiting when you arrive. Or you may forget your camera while you are on vacation and have a family member overnight it to you. If you are traveling for work, your local office and your home office may need to send you materials.
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How To Remove And Replace A Bathtub Faucet Spout

Posted on: 29 January 2016
You may have never thought much about your bathtub spout, but if your spout is worn, corroded or simply outdated, then it is time to replace it with a new one. Replacement is a fairly simple task for the average homeowner, but as with any plumbing home improvement project, extra care must be exercised to prevent potentially-destructive water leaks. Below is a list of tools and materials you will need, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to perform the replacement:
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